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Feb. 28th, 2013 @ 10:02 pm Dejavu, ghosts and willing things to happen
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Hey all,
I'm not sure if this forum has real knowledge on witchcraft - but just want to see if there's other people like me. Ever since I was small, I'd have deja vu dreams, where I'd dream walk and see places before going to them. Or I'd have dreams of things coming true. I can't say I have control of these because they are irregular and I can't just make them come to me. Likewise, I have seen abnormal things probably involving ghosts. I've heard a child's voice speak to me at a new place I was in - though there was noone, and then I fell sick and ended up in hospital with the doctors unable to diagnose me. I did ask the child "how can I help you" which people say is an invitation for the ghost to imbalance our system. I haven't seen ghosts with my own eyes, it's not like hollywood... I think. But I can hear them, sense them or see things they do. And I can talk to you guys more if you want to know more?
The other thing is because people have said because I have seen the above things, they say I'm "shadow" material, "dark" or more "yin". I'm not sure how to respond to those because I remember starting in primary school trying to will things my way. I used to will bad things and good things on people, but everytime something bad I had willed on someone - I'd get sick after it happened? If they were good things, there seemed to be no retribution? I stopped for awhile, but because I was harmed by someone close - I kind of sunk back to willing things and pretty much willed for them not to reach their goals and dreams. I'm not sure if it was me again, but their studies were absolutely good with distinctions and high distinctions but they couldn't get what they wanted while its been known having high credit can get you to that degree. After having what I willed come true, I had a rash all over my index finger which spread to my hands and an ache in the joint. It went away eventually. I also willed a friend's hair to grow back, and though it hasn't grown back completely - some of it has come back. When I will things, I think of pentagrams and colours associated with them. And I speak what I will in my mind...
Anyhow guys, please comment and help. Or if anyone who's done things like I have. Leave a comment, I want to know if it's weird.
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Date:February 28th, 2013 03:31 pm (UTC)
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The things is I used to be terrify of any form of abnormal activity. I dont think I'm as scared of "ghosts" - though I dont wish to believe them because I like to think with a scientific mind... but I cant deny what Ive gone through. So I tend to think of having an aura bubble which I push to expand to make spirits go away, but I have detected malevolent presences where I run away, literally.
Yeah, I've tried not to will bad things because it seems I always get sick as a price to pay? But recently, it was because they had hurt me and still are trying to - so I guess I lashed out.
Some christian friends told me by being able to do things like this is "demonic" behaviour and willing bad or good things are "curses"?
So is there something wrong with us?
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From:Lulijeta Jibolby
Date:March 2nd, 2013 08:25 pm (UTC)
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Those with natural gifts are not really witches. You must choose to be a witch and focus on witchcraft to be a witch.

Okay so you are getting alot of retribution for wishing harm on others. That is because your gift is meant for healing and helping. Naturally that is.

You are dabbling into witchcraft territory and it's most likely over what others have said about you to get you into it. If you are getting this form of retribution then it means

A. You are supposed to use it to help people
B. You aren't doing it right hence why you as a "natural" witch isn't working out because you aren't technically a witch.
Date:August 2nd, 2013 04:05 am (UTC)
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From someone who cares for you
There are only two forces in this world
Good and Evil ( God and Satan)
And so only two types of people
The saved through Christ to whom Heaven belongs too because Heaven is where God is and where God is no evil can be in his presences which is why there is a Hell. for the earth was not made to last forever and you dont need me to tell you this because all you need to do is look around and see it for yourself!
The time has come for you to decide who you belong too
God hates sin but he loves the sinners (us) which is why he came down to earth and died on the cross for our sins ,so that he blood which is pure can set us free he dies for 3 days and conqured death so that who ever believes in him shall also conqor death and live which him forever ... when you give your life to GOD you are washed in his blood you have received his sacrifice on the cross and you are saved ... no man can make to heaven with receiving Jesus he is the only way !!
Satan can not touch a child of God
Instead he is afraid of us .. we have authority to Stomp on his head and cast him out ...
To Receive Christ is to receive eternal life in Heaven.
Do not be afraid of he who can only hurt your flesh but be afraid of God who judges the Soul of every life.
Please look into this .. this is serious this determines your eternal fate ... what you are playing with are the crafts of Satan he wants to belief that you have powers but you and everyone else cannot escape DEATH we will all face it one day as God has said and we will be seperated on that day the lambs from the goats ... ( his people from satans) im not saying you have given your life to satan ... his greatest power is that people dont even know they belong to him .. it is quite simple if you havent given your life to God , the Holy spirit isnt in you and your are not saved which means you are in Satans play ground like one of his toys to do what ever he wants but he can not take your life !! ALL LIFE BELONGS TO GOD!!

The choice is yours ... follow our God who will set you free from Satan and his evil demons and give you eternal life or continue practising Satans craft which leads only to Hell.
God is the 1 and only God of Heaven and Earth and he is the most Powerful God
To reject him is to reject salvation and forgiveness of your sins and sin can not be in Heaven.

I hope your find your salvation in Christ
Say this prayer to receive Christ in your life TODAY time is running out and tomorrow is not promised to you ... Please for your own souls sake break free from Satans hold ...

Dear lord Jesus
Come into my life
Make me new again
I am a sinner
Forgive me my sins
Make me your child
Live in me and change me
So that i may live with you in Heaven
In Jesus name

i would love to walk with you through this
your sister in CHIRST

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From:Chelsea Boyle
Date:August 20th, 2013 08:25 pm (UTC)
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Hello :) I'm 13, 14 soon and ermm the whole willing things on people .... The reason u get bad things done to u when u will bad things on others is because of the three fold law. Basically anything u do good or bad it will return three times as good or bad. I can will stuff to, I think I have some sort of gift but I'm unsure weather this is just a stage or a phase in my life but help me plz xx