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Jan. 4th, 2014 @ 09:52 pm question time :)
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WARNING: This might be long.

First question, is there a way to calm your mind before a spell. Because if you knew me you would know my mind goes all over the place. Actually i think some of my entries might show my mind wonders else where. Maybe. So is there anyway to calm yourself and your thoughts because when i close my eyes. My thoughts do not calm as easily as closing my eyes and focusing on nothing. Though one time i sat under my window on my bed and stared at the light. Well not really stared just looked at it with my mind and that was the only time when i was truly calm when i saw pictures of light not the frightening dark picture i saw of my imagination. Cause when i close my eyes i see eyes green eyes everything perfect about them and having the strange likeness of an animal. I don't know why but it frightens me. Now look just like i said my mind drifts off at the slightest of thoughts.

So second question, why do i see dark when i close my eyes? I see those pictures i talked about the ones that are dark the eyes that frighten me. I once drew a picture of them once though not in color just the eyes with a dark fog around them and a kid i know even commented on them and he never commented on them before. Right now on my wall i have pictures of celtic origin. Sorry i'm off the subject again. but why.

Another question, is it normal to sense personalities or more like feeling. I mean to understand my dogs body languge is easy. And i feel as one of "the pack" i guess you would call it. When some one growled a one of my dogs i felt an anger that went so deep that i knew i would hate him forever. It wasn't that he growled at my dog it was that scared my dog. I heard my dog and him, him growling at my dog for nothing, my dog lying down whimpering. I mean this dog would not hurt a fly okay maybe a fly in the summer my dog snaps at them when she is board. But all i know is that she is/ was as fast as a whip, would work if you made her until she dropped, smartest dog, at least that i think, you could meet. And this 16 year old kid is growling at this dog who like seven years old, and though this happened a while back it still aggravates me. Though that till doesn't explain the feeling so it is like i look at your face it is a mask, not really, i feel around me your feeling are as transparent as a sheet of glass. And by not really it is meant like there face is a mask i can still read it. Though at school i am good at keeping my expression blank my feelings hidden by other thoughts. Get my point???

Yet another question, don't worry it's the last one, is it normal to i guess you would call it understand animals to a certain degree. I mean like you have a cat who asks politely. I mean who in all the has a cat who is polite.?? My cat well meows once and then leads you where he wants you to help him or something like that. Then i had one cat who was as old as us ,my siblings, and we had lost a cat on our birthday, yeah sad right but that is not it i went to sleep that night and the next morning my once angry jealousis cat was on my stomach as if to say i am sorry was licking me on my cheek and i was so happy an mystyfied. Then like all young kids told my mom and she said that she was licking food off my face but i think other wise. Then there was many others ravens, hawks, racoons, chickens, horses, lambs, ect. Came though spread out and sick or healthy to our doorstep, some i imply more literal than others.

So if you would please answer some, one, all of my questions i would be thankful. Sorry if i don't answer back immediatly.
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